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​Tapas buffet & Catering

​Are you looking for a delicious and delicate tapas buffet or catering? Then order from our service at the Temporada TapasBodega.​

We are always available for consults considering arrangements if you are in need of a mouthwatering tapas buffet to be included in your arrangement.

We offer tapas buffet in elegant banquet facilities

At the Temporada Tapasbodega in Copenhagen you are to find beautiful and spacious banquet facilities, where an exciting catering and buffet will be served to you and your guests.

Whether there might be a larger or smaller event, there will be the opportunity to have made a tasty and extremely delicate tapas buffet to your specific needs for tapas catering. We are always willing to tailor a solution to match your specific needs and requirements for catering.

Many delicious flavors

Tapas can be made in many different ways. The courses can be made with different types of meats or fish, they can even be vegetarian. When ordering a tapas catering or buffet at Temporada TapasBodega, we create the menu with our customers, so you can decide a delicate composition of tapas where you get the chance to taste a variety of delicious flavors, assuring that there will most certainly be something for every taste.

Get deals on tapas catering

If you want tapas catering in Copenhagen (Frederiksberg), you are of course always more than welcome to contact us for further information. You can contact us by phone on +45 35 35 15 15. We look forward to hear from you and to serve a delicious and tasty tapas buffet for you and your guests.​

​Opening hours:

Wedensday to saturday from 16.00-23.00.

We open like for lunch by reservation.

Write / call at arrival

Catering / Take Away

Open every day by reservation

Contact us:​

Åboulevard 23

1960 Frederiksberg C

​​Phone: +45 35 35 15 15


CVR: 25878744

Temporada Tapasbodega
Åboulevard 23 st tv
1960 Frederiksberg
Tlf.: 35 35 15 15
CVR: 31104149