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Menu of the month




Rimmed salmon in polenta with green laver

Heart Salad in ravigotte sauce with cranberries and salt roasted almonds

Tiger prawns on sticks - Chili chutney

Second course:

Marinated veal - Apple in balsamico and some crunch

Grilled bread with a hint of garlic

Main course:

Boneless chicken thighs marinated in ginger and muscovado

Piment espelette - Mushrooms in garlic and rosemary

Butter-fried potato tortilla - Pesto

Braised brisket of beef - baked root vegetables - Ratatouille salsa


Choose from today's sweet dessert or a plate of cheese

Price for the menu: 350,- DKK

Vegetarian menu with fish instead of meat: 300,-

Vælg mellem dagens søde eller Ost

Vegetar menu: 250,-

We recommend our wine menu consisting of one glass of white wine and two kinds of red wines.

250,- DKK

The menu is available for takeaway, instructions for use/heating/arranging follows.

​Opening hours:

Wedensday to saturday from 16.00-23.00.

We open like for lunch by reservation.

Write / call at arrival

Catering / Take Away

Open every day by reservation

Contact us:​

Åboulevard 23

1960 Frederiksberg C

​​Phone: +45 35 35 15 15


CVR: 25878744

Temporada Tapasbodega
Åboulevard 23 st tv
1960 Frederiksberg
Tlf.: 35 35 15 15
CVR: 31104149