Receptions and events in Copenhagen

Menu for large and small events


Tapas dishes suitable for receptions, table buffet,
bar snacks, etc.

  • Empanadas, vegetable compote
  • Crispy wheat grains on sourdough and nigellafrø
  • Kiln-dried tomato, mozzarella on skewers
  • Marinated cabbage, on skewers, sherry vinaigrette
  • Pearl barley, Mizuna, herbs
  • Wraps tower, vegetarian,
  • Balotine on pollack, black seaweed
  • Rimmet salmon, milk cream, dill
  • Quenelles on white fish, basil aioli
  • Gambas, confit garlic, toasted rye bread
  • Pickled mushrooms, rosemary, garlic
  • Grilled seasonal vegetables, olive oil, sea salt
  • Eggs muffins, potato, herbs
  • Potato balls rolled in toasted sunflower seeds
  • Cold Marinated gnocchi, olive tapenade
  • Polenta, thyme, onion compote
  • Terrine of oxtail, apricot
  • Croquettes poultry, pimento chutney

  • Marinated beef topside, ravigottecreme

  • Croquettes on lamb, ravigottecreme

  • Chocolate mousse in small cups, nut crumble

  • Trifle of seasonal fruit, dolce de leche, baked pastry

  • ​Manchego world, juniper
  • Breaded blue mold, sweet fruit compote

And a little more to ....​

Receptions - Companies - buffet - events

We put together menus where the different dishes can be eaten in an easy manner.
For events, we find it important to hit wide to all guests with a large selection and variety.
Service package is recommended for the use of disposable cutlery, baskets, spears, sticks with curls and more.

Portion Served Tapas are about to go to.Our tapas can be enjoyed without cutlery or plates.s a unique look for easy serving.

​One service in rustic and manageable style, representInstructions places we like available terms. Platter, serving, etc.
Ps. Many of these dishes MUST be ordered in good time if they do not exist on our a la carte menu

Roasted pinchos / canapés includes:
Meat or fish on a bed of toasted bread, rye bread, crustade or puff pastry - purpose sauce / accessories aioli, salsa, chutney, relish, mousse, milk cream or touched fresh cheese.

Tortilla crackers, grissini pens, crisp puff pastry, big olives, salt toasted almonds, pickled mini snack pepper, stem capers M. M.


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